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Review of Fear of Flying DVD

I recently had the pleasure of watching this fear of flying DVD by Captain Stacey Chance. In a nutshell, I found it to be a wonderful tool in my arsenal against fear. Having information is critical if you really want to overcome your fear of something, since fear usually stems from a lack of understanding.

It was great to see the interviews of fearful flyers and those who are completely comfortable with flying. The pilot interviews were informative and helpful.

I am a visual person so it was important for me to have a way to watch the hustle and bustle of airport life. I don?t live close to a major airport so I am often far removed from the environment in which I need to immerse myself. This video gives you a chance to visually go through the entire process of boarding a plane, taking a flight and seeing all the things going on around you during that experience. If you could add smell-o-vision it would be the only thing better (other than a 3D experience, but hey, let's live in reality).

Watching this video one time didn't cure my fears but I can honestly say that after seeing it I walked up to my husband and said, "I'm ready to take a flight right now." I felt that confident about the experience. I had been given a lot of positive pictures in my head about the safety and procedures of flying. I felt comfortable, which is something I generally don?t feel about commercial aviation. Of course, I couldn?t go flying that quickly but I will definitely be watching that video again and again. I tend to get anxiety even just ordering the tickets so it would be good to watch this DVD before making the actual purchase of tickets, and then again each day before departure. I really think it would help. In fact, if you have a laptop, this is something you could watch IN FLIGHT to calm your nerves during the event.

Is it worth $40? Yes. If you?re anywhere close to departure get this DVD now. If you're wanting to book a trip but aren't sure about flying, get this DVD and make your travel plans. You'll be happily cruising at 35,000 feet in no time.

Buy the DVD at Captain Chance's website

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