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Online Fear of Flying Courses

There are both free and paid fear of flying courses available on the internet to help you conquer your flying fears. This page gives you a brief overview of what I've found to use. They will all help answer you question of, "How Safe is Flying?"


Fear of Flying Help.com (fearofflyinghelp.com ) - Written by Captain Stacey Chance, an airline pilot himself, this is a totally free course with some great features. There are great descriptions of the process of flying, step by step, including some wonderful audio clips of the various sounds he references (landing gear retraction). He even answers his emails in person. Great guy, very helpful. His site was the very first one I found about fear of flying and I can't recommend it highly enough. If you are so included you can send a donation to help cover the costs of his site, but payment is not required.

SOAR (fearofflying.com) - This site is based around a paid course they offer, but it has gotten some great reviews. I signed up for the free newsletter they offer and there are some great stress management techniques mentioned. For a free newsletter I've found it to be helpful.

Fearless-Flight (fearless-flight.com ) - Well put together site, offers a teleseminar by Captain Ron (airline pilot) for $77. The site also has other resources that are helpful.

You probably won't have instant success with anything you try, BUT if you stick with it and go over the information several times I do believe you will regain some measure of control over your anxiety. I have been using these resources for several months and always find something new to learn. I will forget some great piece of information and then relearn it again and again. When the fear takes over I sometimes forget the valuable information found in these courses, so I've printed everything I can and I take it with me on every flight. I find that it's a great additional stress reliever when I can read about the noises I'm hearing or understand the science behind the turbulance and know how the plane it built to handle it. Every little bit helps.

Don't forget about watching airplane videos and checking out the airplane pictures, too.


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