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You might be surprised by how many people have a fear of flying. I've read that anywhere up to 60 million people experience some degree of fear upon boarding a plane. For many it develops later in life as we realize how precious life is and that we are all mortal beings. For some it's uncomfortable feeling out of control.  Many of them hide it well, others are much more vocal about it. Still others are terrified enough to stay on the ground ALL the time.

 I am a recovering "fearful flyer". I say recovering because I do occasionally slip into moments of sheer terror, but I'm gradually working toward being able to fly without any fear at all.


A common question by fearful flyers is, "How safe is airplane travel?" I hope you'll find that it's a very safe method of travel, safer than cars, bikes, motorcycles and boats put together.

The information on this site is free. I'm not trying to sell you anything. The purpose is to lead you to all the helpful resources that are available on the internet for fearful flyers.

Use this site to find information about online fear of flying courses, flying videos, airplane pictures that you can use as desktop backgrounds and many helpful fear of flying articles to help you deal with your flying fears and overcome them.

Anxiety over an upcoming flight is a very common problem. You need to tackle your anxiety and stress head on. This site will point you to a growing list of anxiety and stress relief tips and tricks, as well as expert articles about how to deal with that anxiety. I have also reviewed several fear of flying books and included links if you're interested in reading them yourself. I carry my favorite books with me on each flight for additional information and comfort.

If you're interested in reading my story it is available here.

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