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Tracking Flights

For many people with a fear of flying it's helpful to have someone on the ground tracking their flight. It makes us feel better knowing someone is watching from the outside, gives us a perceived connection with those on the ground. Plus it's just nice to know that you're not doing this by yourself.

I also love tracking the flights of friends and family and make them all tell me their flight schedule so I can see where they are.

My Favorite Flight Tracking Sites

Flytecomm - Good one. Gives a little more data about all the legs of a particular flight number.

RLM Software - in case you need another one. :)

Flight Aware - Very cool. It will show you ALL the flights that are in the vicinity of a particular airport, inbound and outbound and just passing by. You can view random flights if you don't have anything in particular you want to see. It helps me to see all the flights that takeoff and land safely each day. There are lots of various search parameters for tons and tons of fun. All free.

Live ATC - this site lets you listen to the air traffic controllers at various airports. Quite interesting.


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