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Airplane Pictures

In addition to flying videos, my other favorite site focuses on airplane pictures. Whenever I have a trip coming up, I will take note of the exact airline and plane that I will be flying on. Then I go to airliners.net and look up all the pictures I can find specific to that airline and plane. Most important to me are the inside cabin pictures. I will grab my favorite in a very large size and set my computer desktop background to that picture (usually a shot from the back of the plane looking foward) so that everytime I'm on my computer I can imagine myself on that plane.  When I first started doing this I would experience the fear even just by looking at my desktop picture. Now I've gotten so used to the image that it doesn't bother me to see it or imagine myself on the plane. I take that as a positive step toward recovering from my fear.

Airliners.net is the site I use for airplane pictures. They have a HUGE database of images from practically every airline there is. Many of which I'd never heard of. Like the flying videos site there are images from inside and outside the planes, airport terminal pictures, airport pictures in general... lots of the same catagories as Flight Level 350 but with still shots instead of video.

The site also has a great forum with lots of participants. It costs money to be able to post to the forum (a monthly membership) but you can browse posts for free.

I also like jetphotos.net for additional airplane pictures. They also have a forum and a couple of professionally done videos that y ou download them to your computer in order to watch. The site seems to be setup a lot like airliners.net so you shouldn't too much trouble finding anything.

When dealing with a fear of flying, you need to expose yourself to airplane pictures as much as possible so you can get comfortable being "around them". If possible I would suggest taking trips to the airport in order to see yourself how often planes come and go with no issues at all.

And don't forget to check out the flying videos to experience flights taking off and landing (with full audio!)