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I'm a visual person and do much better when I can see and "experience" something on my own. My imagination gets going and it's like I'm really there. If you're like me and have a fear of flying, even a mild case, there's nothing quite like watching an airplane video and pretending to be on the plane yourself so you can "practice" your flights as many times as you want. I found a great site that has hundreds of airplane videos of all types. My favorites are the ones taken from inside the plane during takeoff, landing, mid flight, etc. After watching a few of them I'm able to easily imagine that I'm sitting in a plane, ready to take off. It's so powerful, in fact, that I experience mild versions of the same fears and anticipations that I do when I really am on a plane. My heart races, my breathing quickens, and then I can get over it and relax the more I watch.


I've been visiting this site since it was first created. It's absolutely WONDERFUL! I don't live next to an airport so being around big planes is not a common occurance for me.

Flightlevel350.com is the perfect answer to my problem. The number of videos increases each day. The cover all angles and types of topics and most of them have full audio so you can really hear the roar of the engines, the voices of other passengers, it's WONDERFUL!

  • Takeoff from within the plane
  • Landing from within the plane
  • Cabin Views
  • Video from on the ground, landing and taking off
  • Videos of pretty much every major carrier, domestic and international
  • Training videos
  • Military planes
  • Airshows
  • Unique situations (no crashes, but some tense moments on film)
  • Pretty much anything you can think of!

If you've never been to Flight Level 350 you'e in for a real treat. Go there and bookmark it.


Watch the latest videos on YouTube.com


I try to watch videos at least once a week, more often as I get closer to any trips I'm taking. I sit in my recliner with my laptop, put on headphones and lose myself in the experience. It's almost like taking a real flight.

For anyone who has even a little fear of flying I think these videos could really help. Even those who are just flying enthusiasts love it, plus you could even be proactive and take videos yourself to upload to the site.

A couple of the online courses I mentioned on the fear of flying courses page also use videos to help expose you to the environment.

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