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To Conquer Fear, You Have To Become Fear Itself

To Conquer Fear, You Have To Become Fear Itself by Zamri Nanyan


What I've learned from "Batman Begins", the movie, was more than the cost of a ticket to sit in a dark room full of strangers for more than two hours.

Well, actually the cost of two tickets (one for me and another for my wife).

I don't know about majority of the audience but this one phrase caught my attention immediately...

"To Conquer Fear, You Have To Become Fear Itself".

I know that the meaning of fear in the movie was pretty obvious. Bruce Wayne was afraid of bats. He never had fear towards anything at all... except the dark-black, mysterious blind creatures.

The fear of bats haunted him from small kid until he was big enough to be called an adult.

I know it's gotta be strange for an adult to be NOT afraid of other things (even dangerous sword fights) but bats... but let's just assume that this all makes sense.

The point is... there might be one 'thing' in your life which is stopping you from moving forward. That fear itself.

I'll give you an example of my own experience.

I've always liked to think of getting an extra income from the internet but I was afraid that I might fail.

I was afraid that people would see me as a newbie who knows nothing at all about internet marketing.

I was afraid that my writings would be full of grammatical errors and I could mean one thing when I intended to tell the other.

I was afraid that I could involve in scams and get into trouble.

Well, I was actually afraid of trying and afraid of myself.

Little that I know that many of those internet marketing experts were once just like me... only they took actions one day at a time... until one day they were hailed as 'internet marketing gurus'.

So, what did I do?

I confronted my fear.


By first getting enough (not necessarily much) information about internet marketing, finding a mentor and doing it a step at a time.

Yes, you will be surprised with what you can do with the little knowledge that you learn once you turn it into action.

Of course, there's no guarantee that the fear will all subside immediately and you'll be generating thousands of dollars of internet income overnight.

But, through continuous action of pursuing my passion, I managed to get that first online sale after a few months... and then another... and then another... and then I have no fear in what I'm doing anymore. I'm showing results that I can make money online.

My question to you is... what is the fear that's stopping you from moving ahead?

Bruce Wayne was afraid of bats... confronted his fear and became a "big bat" himself.

While you can probably become who you dream to be, you have to know what's topping you to get there, learn and then take necessary action to reach your dream.

About the Author

Zamri Nanyan models a low cost, high profit concept to build successful internet businesses, as mentioned at www.LowCost-HighProfit.com . He now owns and operates several money-making websites from the comfort of his own house. Read more about Zamri Nanyan at www.ZamriNanyan.com