Fear of Flying Tips
Overcome Your Fear of Flying
We Can Choose
NOT to Be Afraid!




Stress Reducers While in Flight


For those who have a fear of flying there are several things you can do during preflight and on the plane to help your body relax. Do one or all of these repeatedly to help your mind and body relax.

Stretch those muscles!


Lean your right ear down to your right shoulder and stretch the left side of your neck as you do.  Now, switch sides and do the other side. Now, look down and drop your chin towards your chest. Now slowly, let your head roll to the right and then to the left. Repeat slowly until you feel yourself loosen up.


You can do this same exercise for your shoulders, too.  Try a few shoulder circles, as well. This is simple to do and when you take the time to do these several times a day, your range of motion will increase and you'll feel considerably more relaxed.



Wear a Smile


Always begin your flying day with a broad smile on your face.  Purpose in your heart to be lighthearted on this day and every time you see someone pass them a big, sincere smile.  You will be surprised how easily this action will affect your mood.


Share in a good joke or two and try to make someone else laugh. Feeling lighthearted is a good thing!  Just ask Martha Stewart!



That Small Inner Voice -- Talk to yourself


Gently close your eyes and repeat positive affirmations.  Tell yourself over and over what you want to believe to be true, such as: 'I am calm' or ‘I am safe’ or 'I am not afraid…' Keep in mind that what you believe to be true will be felt by your body!



In Support of Good Posture


Take in a few, good deep breaths as you sit up very tall. Put your feet flat on the floor. At the same time angle your thighs slightly toward the floor, arch in your lower back slightly, gently push your sternum (chest bone) back and then relax your shoulders.


Take in another good deep breath and hold your position for a minute or two. Don’t allow your posture to slouch at all during this time – hold your position upright and support your good posture.


As your good posture continues to align, you will relieve all muscle tension. Do this exercise twice daily and you will find yourself naturally supporting your good posture each day.



Breathe in the Gift of Life


We can all go for weeks without a crumb of food, days at a time without water, but, we can only go for minutes without good, pure oxygen.


The average person breathes very shallowly and this makes it almost impossible to be relaxed.


Sit yourself down, purposefully, and take in a slow deep breath in through your nose until you have properly filled up your lungs.


Hold in the air in for a moment and then very slowly exhale through your lips. Breathe deeply in this way for 4 - 5 times, a few times a day.


You will feel instantly refreshed!



Listen to the Gift of Music


As much as possible, always set your mood with background mood music.  Some like traditional blues, some like jazz.  Try the newer nature sounds, so you can be working to background sounds of tin pans, flutes and ocean waves crashing on the beach.  Whatever you choose, make sure it relaxes and does not energize you.  There is a time to be energized and a time to relax.  For relaxation, select the mood music over the rock and roll or the hip hop.


Try more stress reduction methods to help your fear of flying using these Targeted Relaxation Techniques