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Fear of Flying - Learning to Relax

by Kerry Emrich
August 12, 2005

The problem you have to overcome fear of flying will not just go away by itself. But the fact that you realize that you have a problem causes it to diminish, and lose its power over you. Just like worrying about your credit cards, mortgage or other bills before going to sleep, worrying about your flight is a waste of time.You need to develop a plan of action in order to succeed; this will help strengthen your motivation to overcome fear of flying. A written plan with day by day steps will help the most.Become inspired, get motivated, and do not stay stuck in a rut. You are greater than that, and through hard work, prayer, and meditation you will be able to overcome fear of being airborne.

Then nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your dreams.What is your purpose here on earth? Do you want to be trapped and avoid your problem or to overcome fear of flying? It is all up to you, if you believe you can overcome your problems, you will. Every thing you experience in life is mental, change your thoughts, and you change your life. Cultivate this belief and you will overcome fear of being in the air faster than you can say success.Imagine yourself as the woman who lifted the truck. All your power comes from inside yourself. You can do anything if you set your mind to it, belief is incredibly powerful.

Develop a burning passion, and nothing will be impossible for you, your life will take on new meaning.Does your obstacle seem to be overwhelming you? Sit down and write out your purpose. A written goal gives you a direction to focus on to overcome fear of aircraft.Everyone has heard about the little mother who lifted a truck off he son, it was total focus on one task that allowed her to overcome her obstacle, be like her and you will overcome fear of flying. Belief is the key to success, remember that anything is possible. If your purpose is greater than any obstacle that stands in you way you can overcome it. You can overcome fear of flying.Stop and think for a moment.

To overcome fear of flying, what do you need to do? Is it really that simple? Almost everything in life can be conquered with a little rational thought. Is that dog really that scary; is that road really that dark? We usually exaggerate our fears, and then they become phobias.Having a single goal of working at your goal until you overcome fear of being airborne. Having one purpose will help you to focus your mind on the task at hand and to develop more strength every day.Remember that every goal has obstacles and you will overcome them if you plan. The bigger your goal, the more obstacles there will be. You will have to spend some time each day working on at least one step and soon you will be free of you fear, phobia, or anxiety.

Anxiety, stress, phobia, prescription drugs, and worry are all a waste of time once you get control of your fears you will never look back, this is the recipe for success in life..

The author is an avid traveler with an interest in psychology.  For more information on conquering your fears and phobias visit us at http://www.how-to-overcome.com for help in overcoming fear


Kerry Emrich
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